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Board of Trustees

South Georgia Medical Center Foundation is a volunteer and donor-driven organization. We are extremely fortunate to have passionate, influential board members whose mission is to see South Georgia Medical Center thrive. They are leading the way to ensure that SGMC offers exceptional healthcare.

Past presidents of the Foundation include Harley Langdale, Jr., president emeritus; Joe Cordova; Herm Manderson and Ray Chitty.

Mr. Harley Langdale, Jr., Mr. James Beck and Mr. Ed G. Barham served as founding members of the Board of Trustees.

Foundation Board

Board of Trustees

James Lee Herndon, President      
Susan Swader, CPA, Treasurer
Ben Blanton
Ray Chitty
Cynamon Willis
Thomas Newbern

Joe "Bud" Dasher, Jr.
Suzan Prince
Russell D. Henry, Esq.  
Robert Roquemore

E. Cameron Hickman
Bubba Highsmith
Dr. Charles Hobby
Evelyn Langdale
Terri Lupo
Randy Sauls