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Welcome to SGMC

At South Georgia Medical Center, our quality and commitment to patient care is evidenced through the long list of awards and designations we have received. It is this ongoing commitment to health and wellness that demonstrates our responsibility to put patients first. Our growing healthcare enterprise, SGMC, encompasses four hospitals, South Georgia Medical Center (Valdosta, GA), the Smith Northview Campus (North Valdosta,GA) Louis Smith Memorial Hospital (Lakeland, GA) and the SGMC Berrien Campus (Nashville, GA). These facilities serve a large, diverse population with a wide variety of inpatient and outpatient services.
Through integration, innovation and process redesign, we demonstrate our commitment to improve and develop the healthcare delivery systems of the future. As a not-for-profit hospital, excess revenues are reinvested in new facilities, patient centric care and advanced technology to better help the communities we serve.

Pearlman Cancer Center -
Improve your life and health.

Recognized by the American College of Surgeons' Commission on Cancer for 42 years as a program offering 'the best in cancer care,' SGMC's medical and radiation oncologists work closely with pathologists, surgeons and other health professionals to ensure the best outcomes possible.

Imaging Center -
Improve your life and health.

Offering the full range of medical imaging services, our studies are interpreted by board-certified radiologists trained in every subspecialty of imaging.

Spine Care Center -
Improve your life and health.

The Spine Care Center team of physicians give each patient standards of excellence when it comes to treating diseases, disorders and injuries of the spine and neck.

Dasher Heart Center -
Improve your life and health.

Georgia Trend Magazine ranks the Dasher Heart Center third in Georgia for Cardiac Surgery and tenth for overall Cardiology Services in 2011.

Birthplace -
Improve your life and health.

With patient satisfaction scores in the 99th percentile, it's easy to understand that childbirth is SGMC's #1 reason for inpatient admission.

Orthopedics Center -
Improve your life and health.

From joint replacements to the treatment of sports injuries, our musculoskeletal specialists combine the latest technology with a patient-centered approach to quality care.


Pearlman Cancer Center and Dentists Team Up to Help Patients
Last fall, the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) selected South Georgia Medical Center’s Pearlman Cancer Center (PCC) to receive ASTRO’s 2013 Survivor Circle grant. more


SGMC Announces New Directors
Valdosta, GA – South Georgia Medical Center announces new directors which include Michael Majoras, Mindy Bates and Marie Sims more


Stroke Program Receives GA Coverdell Champion Hospital of the Year for SECOND Consecutive Year
The Stroke Program at South Georgia Medical Center was recently named the GA Coverdell Champion Hospital of the Year (mid-sized hospital category) for the second consecutive year. more


Oral Cancer Screening
Free Oral Cancer Screening (Mouth, Teeth and Gum Exam)

Registration is required. Register online or call 229-259-4422.

Participating Physicians:

William W. Broadfoot, Jr., DDS
James C. Broadfoot, DMD
Heather Colson Hardy, DMD
Joseph L. Kirbo, Jr., DDS
Edward L. Lamb, DMD
Charles Stewart, DMD
Shane Wood, DMD
Barclay J. Woodward, DMD more


Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program
An exercise program focused on the needs of those with arthritis. Supervised by a registered nurse.

Registration is required. Call 229-245-6211.
A one-time fee of $10 is required. more


Tender Loving Care and Infant CPR Class
This class is designed to give expectant parents instruction on things such as umbilical cord care, circumcision care and safety factors for newborns. Information on various aspects of newborn care such as feeding, bathing and diapering will also be presented. How to perform cardiopulmonary resusitation (CPR), rescue breathing and airway obstruction will be taught for children under 1 year of age.

To register, call 229-259-4854. more

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