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About the Spine Care Center

The Spine Care Center works with affiliated spine surgeons on your case to ensure you receive the most appropriate care for your condition.

How is personalized care provided?

Each patient is assigned to a personal Nurse Case Manager that will:

  • assist with communication between you, the Spine Care Center and your primary physician
  • guides the patient through their prescribed treatment plan
  • provides education and support to both patient and family
  • ensures the patient understands the diagnosis, treatment options and potential outcomes


  • Physicians Referrals
    •  accepted anytime during treatment process without prior authorization, including before or after failure of conservative care.
  • Patient or Self-Referrals

Establishing the Diagnosis

Sometimes even with a good set of X-rays or MRI scans, the root cause of your pain is not easy to identify. That can be especially true when it happens in the cervical spine or neck area. 

Some nonsurgical therapies are sometimes chosen first to see if the problem improves or persists.

Once decided if surgery is appropriate, the process to prepare you for what you can expect will begin.


Your consultation is an opportunity for us to get to know you.

During the exam, you will be asked:

  • your medical history
  • your family medical history
  • any previous injuries you may have suffered
  • any previous surgeries
  • if you were hurt on the job or in an accident
  • how long you have been in pain
  • any medications or treatments you've taken
  • is your back pain isolated to just one location
  • does it radiate down your arms or legs
  • how is your diet
  • how often do you exercise
  • what are your expectations from back surgery
  • what are your fears

The information from this consultation, along with MRI scans and medical records from referring physicians, will help determine the next step in your treatment.

The Goal is to be:

The best team by educating the patients on which of the latest surgical techniques and non-operative treatments are available to them while treating all patients with the same consideration and attention.