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What To Expect

Patients are seen according to severity of condition.


A licensed registered nurse will talk with you to learn about your medical history condition and severity of illness and symptoms. This helps determine which patients should be seen first. You will either be put in exam room or asked to go back to the lobby.

Exam Rooms

Once you are taken to a treatment room, a licensed registered nurse will perform a general exam and make every effort to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your visit and check on you regularly.

Eating or Drinking

Patients should not eat or drink anything while waiting to see the healthcare provider. Doing so may interfere with your examination, testing, diagnosis or treatment. Many treatments require an empty stomach to be completed and accurate.

Healthcare Provider

An Emergency Department healthcare provider will conduct a medical screen and examination which may result in tests being ordered to diagnose or treat your condition.


If needed, the healthcare provider will order tests such as lab-work, X-rays, CT scan from radiology to determine your medical condition. Specialists will evaluate your tests before a comprehensive diagnosis can occur which can result in your ED visit taking a little longer.


As soon as your test results are available, the ED healthcare provider will explain the findings and treatment options with you.


Treatment may be simple or complex. Depending on your illness, injury or presence of other critical patients in the ED, treatment may take a few minutes or several hours.

Pain Management

Your physician and staff will make every effort to assist you in managing pain. This may include the use of medication or other means.


The healthcare provider will determine if you are able to be discharged from the ED, or if your condition requires admittance to the hospital. The healthcare provider may need to speak with your family healthcare provider or other specialists regarding your treatment for the best treatment plan.

If you are admitted to the hospital

Several steps will need to be completed by various departments to prepare a bed in the most appropriate nursing unit for your specific needs. The ED staff will be sure to keep you informed and comfortable while you are waiting for transfer. Please let a healthcare team member know if we can make you more comfortable during this time.

Registration Completion 

Once you are treated by a healthcare provider, a patient access representative will meet with you in your room or at the discharge desk to review information you submitted upon your arrival. At this time, a request for your insurance co-pay, co-insurance or self-pay deposit is required before you leave.