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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do patients have to wait for treatment?

Wait time may be longer because:
  • Critically ill patients are seen first 
  • The ED healthcare provider may request a consultation from a specialist
  • Results from diagnostic testing, such as labs, X-rays, CT Scans, may take some time

Why do some patients get seen before others?

SGMC must care for patients with life-threatening conditions first. The severity of a patient's condition is determined at the triage stage. Patients with less-severe conditions may have to wait while we care for those with critical injuries. 

The lobby is empty. Why do I have to wait?

Even though the lobby does not appear to be busy, staff may actually be taking care of numerous patients. SGMC receives patients in need of lifesaving measures from across the region. You may not see the patients arrive because they are often brought in by ambulance or helicopter through a difference entrance.

May I have visitors in the treatment areas?

One visitor per patient is allowed in the treatment area. Pediatric patients may have up to two visitors in the treatment area. For your safety and to protect the privacy of all patients, visitors must remain at your bedside during your stay. Visitors may be asked to leave temporarily during treatment or in a critical situation.

What happens when I am discharged?

If you are discharged, a licensed registered nurse will provide you with a copy of the discharge instructions from the ED healthcare provider. A licensed registered nurse will explain discharge instructions, prescriptions, and answer any questions. We encourage all patients to review all of the instructions and paperwork. Please ask your nurse for clarification if you do not understand any piece of the instructions. It contains very helpful information on your diagnosis and what you can do to improve your condition.

Where do I park?

Parking spaces outside the Emergency Department entrance are limited. If you are admitted to the hospital as a result of your emergency, please arrange for your car to be moved to another area so that others can use the ED parking spaces after you.